I Just Want To Dance The Night Away…

As Microsoft announced that Sway will soon be available for Office 365, and I don’t know much about it, I decided I’d better take a look. I’ve seen it described as a potential Powerpoint Killer. In it’s current form, I can’t see that happening Sway is a move away from Microsoft’s traditional products, it is 100% cloud-based, and I would […]

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A Checklist For Anyone Having Problems Receiving MMS Messages on Android Phones

Another techie post… My Samsung Galaxy S II is nearly 2 years old. Yesterday, for the first time since I’ve had it, it was refusing to display an MMS message. It presented me with a download button to hit in the message box. When I hit it, it looked like it was doing something, then it returned to just show […]

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Use Recovery Mode To Fix a Dead Nexus 7

This is a bit off my normal topics, but I am an IT Manager, and this appears to be a “feature” of the Nexus 7. Plenty of people are being hit by this design flaw. My Nexus 7 bricked last night. That is, it wouldn’t switch on, it wouldn’t charge – there were no signs of life at all. So, […]

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