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This month, I am celebrating 25 years at Crittall Windows. A remarkable achievement considering when I first started I didn’t think I would last 25 days – but that’s a different story.

In that 25 years the world has changed, the market has changed, the technology has changed and the people have changed  but I’m glad to say, that the ethos of the company has survived.

This is not a look back over 25 years reminiscing about the good old days like watching Only Fools and Horses on UKTV Gold, but a look forward to the future.

I recently watched White Gold on Netflix, it was very funny, and a little bit unsettling at the same time. I was able to recognise all of the characters as people who have at one time or another been with the business, but didn’t last.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about:

I had a standing joke with a friend who worked at BT, when I asked, “What’s it like to work for the UK’s 2nd biggest telecom company?”, he would reply “How’s the world of double-glazing?” (You had to be there – it seemed hilarious at the time).

I was staunchly defensive – “Crittall is not a double-glazing company – It’s a steel window manufacturer”

I have to admit, there were periods when it seemed like we had indeed become a double-glazing company. I was surrounded by Dicks everywhere I looked – Kenny Everett’s Dick Thrust:

I always count my fingers after shaking hands with Dicks.

Overuse of meaningless cliches, soundbites instead of substance, unrealistic growth targets without proper support, are all signs of someone who doesn’t understand the company or the markets in which it operates.

Crittall Windows and Crittall Fendor have both appointed new Managing Directors recently, and are both looking forward to the future with the confidence that is built on traditional values. Growth driven by new market penetration, and increasing share of existing markets with an innovative product development programme, investment in new plant and technology, and a committed workforce.

You will be able to read more about our new product launches in the next few weeks, and more about all Crittall Group products at

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