I am the IT Manager at Crittall Windows Ltd, Europe’s largest manufacturer of steel windows. Previously I was Manufacturing Systems Manager at VSEL (now part of BAE Systems).

In order to maximise my contribution to the success of the business, I need to understand the markets in which Crittall Windows operates, and how technology is being used to improve performance, and collaboration on projects.

I also take an active interest in Web 2.0 and social media as a means of promoting the business, and personal networking.

This blog is a personal view of current issues and events within the window, architecture, construction manufacturing, and IT industries in the UK and worldwide.

I welcome any comments, so, please feel free to post your point-of-view.

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  • HI, I run a small magazine on the Isle of Skye and we are interested in doing a feature on Crittal windows. We like to feature articles about local history and design. The small roof light was a big part of the croft house culture and is still to be found today. I wondered if we could tap in to some archive material you might have on roof lights and information on the process and production.

    Many thanks if you can help

    Big plugs all round to Crittall as you would expect in any thing we publish.

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