IT Manager at Crittall Windows, interested in fenestration, architecture, construction and manufacturing in the UK and worldwide. Finding out more about social media, collaborative systems and Web 2.0

Crittall Gold

This month, I am celebrating 25 years at Crittall Windows. A remarkable achievement considering when I first started I didn’t think I would last 25 days – but that’s a different story. In that 25 years the world has changed, the market has changed, the technology has changed and the people have changed  but I’m glad to say, that the […]

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My introduction to steel windows

I am the IT Manager at Crittall Windows Ltd, the UK’s largest supplier of steel windows and doors. Although my job title is IT Manager, I have a responsibility as a manager of the business, as well as in my own particular specialization. This means that I need to understand the markets in which the company operates, and the products […]

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