There is a great tool available which can ease your digital life. If This Then That allows you to create recipes which link web services together. A recipe comprises a trigger, and an action to take when the trigger is set. The trigger is an event which you can define associated with the web service. In addition you can chose […]

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How Crittall® Steel Windows Are Made

Any window or door which has custom requirements visits the setting out bench, where an experienced window manufacturer will mark the positions of any features or special cutouts required. Machining is carried out with the frame in bar form, so that any holes punched or drilled will still be protected by the hot dipped galvanizing process. The corner of each […]

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I Just Want To Dance The Night Away…

As Microsoft announced that Sway will soon be available for Office 365, and I don’t know much about it, I decided I’d better take a look. I’ve seen it described as a potential Powerpoint Killer. In it’s current form, I can’t see that happening Sway is a move away from Microsoft’s traditional products, it is 100% cloud-based, and I would […]

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