Pay Per Click Advertising – Microsoft, You’re Doing It Wrong

Today I was doing some research into Windows 10. My first port of call? Google of course.

I typed in “Windows 10” and waited for the results.

I didn’t have to wait long, after 0.29 seconds there were 1,680 million results. At the top of the page was a pay per click advert from Microsoft.


windows 10 search

windows 10 search


My usual reaction to sponsored results is to ignore them – unless it’s from one of our competitors, then I click on them to cost them money. Today I decided to click on the advert. Here was the result…


Windows 10

Windows 10


How frustrating…

This was 15 days after the global launch of Windows 10.

So, the blog post I was going to write praising Windows 10 has taken a back seat, and I am now criticising Microsoft for wasting my time and their money.

I used my Google adwords account to look at the search term “Windows 10” and see the search volumes, and recommended cost per click to appear in sponsored results.

In June 2015, the month before its global launch, there were 11.1 million searches for “Windows 10.” Google recommended bidding 29p per click.


keyword tool results

keyword tool results


I would expect that to get top of the list for every search would cost significantly more than that per click.

Here’s a thought…

In the search, and pay per click advertising markets, Microsoft are a direct competitor of Google. So, not only do Microsoft make themselves look stupid, but they are also paying their direct competitors for the privilege.


Laughing all the way to the bank


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