Mock Crittall – The mock Tudor of our Times

I saw this tweet last week, and retweeted it. Everywhere I look, I see references to “Crittall”, “Crittall-look”, “Crittall-style.” Products range from shower screens, mirrors, cabinets, and even to external and internal windows. There’s something you should know; A Crittall® Window is a steel window manufactured by Crittall Windows Limited. Anything else is “Mock Crittall” The style of a steel […]

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Crittall Windows Archive Secrets To Be Revealed

Crittall Windows Ltd, Braintree District Museum Trust Ltd and Braintree District Council are excited to announce a joint project to research and develop the Crittall company archive held at Braintree District Museum. The Archive contains over 2,000 documents, catalogues and photographs illustrating the growth and development of a local ironmonger to worldwide window manufacturer. The project will fund a young […]

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Steel Windows Then and Now

Ask most people in the United Kingdom about steel windows, and they will talk about the ubiquitous, mass-produced standard metal window.   A much smaller number will mention the use of the Universal Casement in the inspirational designs created by the world’s foremost architects.      Steel windows were used by Frank Lloyd Wright at Fallingwater, regarded by many as […]

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