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Mock Crittall – The mock Tudor of our Times

I saw this tweet last week, and retweeted it. Everywhere I look, I see references to “Crittall”, “Crittall-look”, “Crittall-style.” Products range from shower screens, mirrors, cabinets, and even to external and internal windows. There’s something you should know; A Crittall® Window is a steel window manufactured by Crittall Windows Limited. Anything else is “Mock Crittall” The style of a steel […]

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Crittall Gold

This month, I am celebrating 25 years at Crittall Windows. A remarkable achievement considering when I first started I didn’t think I would last 25 days – but that’s a different story. In that 25 years the world has changed, the market has changed, the technology has changed and the people have changed  but I’m glad to say, that the […]

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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Throughout its 160-year history, Crittall Windows has always seen innovation as a source of competitive advantage. Innovation in manufacturing processes, product design, employee welfare, and order processing is behind the continued success of the business. The introduction of the patented fenestra joint, hot-dipped galvanizing for steel frames, the building of Silver End village for its workforce, and the commissioning of […]

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What’s In A Name?

In my earlier post Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery I noted the increased references to Crittall Replacement Windows, I explained why I think they are appearing, and I introduced you to The Chip Butty Test for steel windows v other materials. I mentioned that Crittall® is a registered trademark, but made no further comment on it. In this article I […]

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How Crittall® Steel Windows Are Made

Any window or door which has custom requirements visits the setting out bench, where an experienced window manufacturer will mark the positions of any features or special cutouts required. Machining is carried out with the frame in bar form, so that any holes punched or drilled will still be protected by the hot dipped galvanizing process. The corner of each […]

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